KAZE Mini Face Mask 5-pack

$ 8.00

Move over summer lip sweat and breathe a bit easier knowing your kids are well protected with a stylish, bright, premium-quality KAZE Mask. 

These colorful, soft, and remarkably breathable 3D shaped, 5-layered masks filter 98.8% of viral particulates — including COVID and COVID Variants.   That’s better than cotton or cloth! Each disposable mask can be worn up to 4 uses (though sequential usage is NOT recommended— it’s best to wait 2 days between each use). The masks are laser cut to contour to a kid sized face and have generous adjustable ear straps.   Each mask is individually packaged with a ziplock bag - perfect for labeling and storing during snack/meal times and between uses.

KAZE Masks regularly retail for $3.60 per mask, but thanks to a generous donation, these are specially-priced at $8.00 for a 5-pack.   Support the Lab School and protect your kids by stocking up for summer camps and family outings! All proceeds go to keeping our school safe! 

Orders will be delivered home in your child's backpack.